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The political career of Adolfo Panfili


In “Roma Città Capitale”, on 2009 Rome’s Mayor asked Panfili to “develop a strategy to meet Romans’ health needs over the next five to ten years”. The report Healthcare for Rome’ excellence.: recommendations included the development of academic health science centers and the introduction of polyclinics fit the excellence. As Health Delegate for the City of Rome, Panfili found himself responsible for leading the passage of health-related issues through the Major of Rome. Panfili’s leadership as a health delegate was the culmination of many years of involvement in health policy. Immediately prior to joining the City of Rome, Panfili led a review of health services in Rome, identifying the opportunities to raise clinical quality across the capital. He was also Advisor in Nutrition to the Department of School of the City of Rome. Panfili’s report in his role of medical consultants for the National Broadcasting TV on Spine Robotic Surgery: Clinical case for change’ 2012, argued for a change to the way surgery is organized in order to maximize patient benefits.

Panfili stressed the quality of care and excellence of medical profession. Robotic surgery is the real drive for the achievement of better health. The private model could be a good starting point, because it takes a less dogmatic turn. The Health morale improved, as did its public standing in the City of Rome since 2008 to 2012. Following his resignation from Roma Citta’ Capitale, Panfili fully came back returned to his clinical and academic work and has expanded his involvement in global health issues. In June 2012 he was appointed Chairman of the International Academy for Spine Robotic Surgery, a body dedicated to improving healthcare around the world and reducing health inequalities in developed and developing countries. In November 2012 he was appointed as Orthopedic Director for Emergency Smile, Humanitarian Association to support poor people through spine surgery in the world and mostly in Iraq.

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